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Readymade Online Vehicle Servicing Solution -
One Solution For All

We all will agree that digital age has completely changed the lives of many of us in numerous ways. Undoubtedly, many of the services and demands that we need or wish for can now be availed with just a few taps on either a mobile device or a pc through available applications.

Earlier, people had to wait in queues for getting their vehicle serviced, whether it be any. The launch of on-demand service applications has completely changed the scenario & the competitiveness of the vehicle servicing industry. Now users can easily avail any vehicle service whenever they want to, directly from an App or a Web App like ours, iDS Wheels.

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Last Modified: Jun 29, 2024


  • User docs
  • User app source code
  • Web App source code
  • Admin Dashboard source code


Service App
  • Highly Bespoke Content
  • Quick Response Rates
  • App Uses Device Features
  • Request a Service
  • Select a Location
  • Packages and Services Selection
Android Demo IOS Demo


Service Web App
  • Request a Service
  • Select a Location
  • Packages and Services Selection
  • Highly Bespoke Content
  • Quick Response Rates
  • Add Multiple Vehicles
  • Search Technician Availability


Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Services
  • Register a Technician
  • Create / Edit / Update /Enable or Disable Services
  • Manage Attributes of Services
  • View/Manage Booking Status
  • Manage Pay-out Requests
  • Manage Payments
Vehicle Servicing System

Smartphones and like devices have completely changed the lives of humans in many ways. Undoubtedly, maximum of the services and demands that you need can be availed with just a few taps on any digital device through available applications.

Vehicle Servicing Solution Revenue Model

There are so many revenue models that help the Vehicle Servicing applications to generate profits. The mostly used conventional models are:

  • Ads
  • Sponsoring
  • Memberships
  • Offers/Discounts
  • Aggregator App
On-Demand Vehicle Servicing System development

In case, you don’t come with a development background and looking forward for a full setup and deployment done by our team then please contact us at [email protected]

The on-demand vehicle service solution allows the service providers to update the location of each service for providing seamless services to their users. In this way, users can easily make a service request from a nearby service stations.

To experience more productivity and maximize the efficiency of your business opt for the Vehicle Servicing clone script. The on-demand business Servicing system helps to provide more convenient features to the users. If you are planning to develop a robust on-demand Vehicle Servicing system for your business, then get in touch with us at [email protected] , now, and get a free quote for your servicing solution idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doomshell offers you a well versed Vehicle Servicing system – iDS Wheels for web, Android and iOS and the cost of the development varies from feature to feature which you want to integrate in your system.

Yes, we offer you a high quality vehicle servicing & booking system similar to iDS Wheels & as has been displayed in the reference.

Our readymade Vehicle Servicing & Booking system is beneficial in many ways as our script is designed in such a way that it includes all the features of the basic module. Hence, our detailed script saves your time to wait till the solution is fully developed from the scratch.

Definitely, we offer a customized solution similar to iDS Wheels & the reference, while doing alterations in the color, scheme, features and theme as per our client's requirements. We can add, as well, some advanced features to the basic module of iDS Wheels as per your requirement but it will add an additional cost.

Yes, we provide you the source code of the final product, but you need expertise to modify it.

iDS Wheels is the one of the ideal choice as we deliver the readymade vehicle servicing solution with the best features such as smart analytics system, In-app Payments, advanced dispatch and tracking panel etc. You can have a preview of our system in our reference demo.

We provide you the PHP script for the web and open source code for the android and iOS platforms, but to make the changes or to modify it you need an expertise or you should have some knowledge about programming.

We believe to work on the most advanced and relevant technologies as per the different platform currently in demand. We have built the Web App in the PHP programming language and as for the Android platform we used the technologies such as Android Sketch Paper, Android SDK Emulator, MobiOne and for iOS we used Appcelerator, RhoMobile and Xamarin to deliver a React Native app. With the help of these advanced technologies, we were enabled to deliver a comprehensive system to manage Vehicle Servicing business with much ease.