Grocery-Shopping-and-Delivery-System-App-Development-in-India Grocery-Shopping-and-Delivery-System-App-Development-in-India

Pre-made State-of-the-Art Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery System
One-Stop-Shop Solution For The Best

Going Online in modern era is the need of the hour & not a privilege and if you look forward to either launching or expanding your Grocery shopping and delivery system or building a unique E-Commerce Web App for your Superstore/supermarket business then you have landed at the right platform.

The pre-made available online Grocery System of ours - iDS Mart is a One-Stop-Shop for all your needs to strengthen & create a niche for your business. We offer a grocery online aggregated system which comes handy with a complete & astonishing bundle of services including an Grocery E-Com Web App, a User App, a Delivery App & lastly, a CMS Dashboard
This whole system arms you with unique and amazing features to build a robust & powerful system of online ordering for your very own grocery business. This will augment the experience of your much valued customers of ordering online the home grocery materials in a flawless manner even with a cellphone. The shopping app will be a fully functional mobile application that will include each & every feature that will be essential for an online shopping system to make an effortless & enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.
So, a question, do you have the zeal to be the predecessor & create a niche against all your competitors?
Answer: Surely YES.
So, be the leader of the flock & have your complete online grocery business with your multiplatform Web App & Mobile applications NOW!

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Last Modified: May 17, 2024


  • Operational Document
  • User app source code
  • Delivery app source code
  • Web App source code
  • Admin Dashboard source code


Grocery App
  • Selective Delivery Timings
  • Offers / Vouchers
  • Right-To-Left(RTL) Support
  • Real-time Order Status Tracking
  • For Address Location, Integrated Maps
Android Demo IOS Demo


Delivery Boy App
  • Instant Notifications for Delivery
  • Accept / Reject Orders
  • Updated Delivery Status
  • Call a Customer on Tap
  • Location Tracking for Delivery Address
  • View All Pre-Delivered Order


Grocery Web App
  • Sidebar for All Menus
  • Custom Design with Bootstrap
  • Search & Filters
  • Product Listing by Categories/Offers
  • Payment Through Card & COD also
  • Showcase Product in Different Variants


Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Categories/Sub-Categories/Products
  • Notification on Order Requests
  • View / Manage Orders
  • Create Delivery Boys and Assign Orders
  • Manage Coupons and Offers
  • Chat with Customers
iDS Mart - Readymade Grocery Store Delivery System

Note: The above cost that is mentioned is only for Readymade Grocery App & system product source code. Hence, the costs of setup & deployment, domain, hosting, Play Store / Apple Store Account & Third Party Payment gateway integration (Including Razor Pay) needs to be procured from the client’s side.

Thing you do require to get live this complete Grocery System
  • Your own Official Service Account (Google Play Store account and iOS App Store account)
  • Cloud Server with Min 2 GB Ram (we suggest AWS or DigitalOcean)
  • Your own Payment Gateway account
  • mySQL Account

In case, you don’t come with a development background and looking forward for a full setup and deployment done by our team then please contact us at [email protected]

Readymade Online Grocery Store Shopping and Delivery System

An online Grocery Shopping and Delivery system will be required for your offline grocery or supermarket store business to expand & grow. This shopping and delivery business bundle is an all in one solution. It contains the following:

  • Grocery User Mobile App
  • Grocery Delivery Mobile App
  • Grocery Web App
  • Admin Dashboard/CMS

Note: These features are fully customizable, so in case, you require any customization then you can do it yourself or we'll help you out with this. But any further or additional customization in this Readymade Grocery solution will incur an additional cost and it depends on the amount of modification & work involved

Why an online Grocery Ordering & Delivery System like iDS Mart needed?

Today it’s the internet and mobile applications world. Now, people love to do shopping from anywhere anytime as they want. People don't want to burn their daylight and energy while shopping groceries from a shop/supermarket.
To illustrate, if you want to shop through a supermarket then you have to spare your time, make a list of items you would like to purchase, then go to the supermarket during traffic hours & collect your items, stand at the billing counter in queue, packing them and again coming back to your place. In case you have missed out anything again you have to go back and follow the same procedure. Hence people love to do shopping online even be it for groceries so that they can save their time, cost and energy by getting their daily needs at the doorsteps with minimal hustle. That's why many giants in this segment are leveraging and making huge revenues in Grocery Delivering business through websites and mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the product is a licensed one, you have to first register on our website and purchase the product. After the payment has been made, you’ll be able to download the product from your created account.

Absolutely, why not. Once you have purchased the product and in case you find any bugs in your product then please raise a query to our support team and well get back to you within 1 working day. Rest assured!

No, you have to manage all the changes or customization requirement. We will provide separate services for product support and customization. You can contact us at [email protected] for further information.

No, we will provide this as an extra paid add-on service. For more information, kindly contact us at [email protected]

Please check this link for info -

We update our product regularly, almost every 2-3 weeks or if there’s any breaking changes that comes to any libraries or modules.