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Multi Vendors E-Commerce Solutions

Multi Vendors E-Commerce Solutions is a flat design ready for your e-commerce mobile application. It is a beautiful design created with React Native . One can easily follow the design with each single elements, components available in the XD

business with your own mobile and web app in just a few days. We offer an online grocery software system. This online grocery store/shopping system comes with a complete package of service that includes FLUTTER USER APP, FLUTTER DELIVERY APP, E-COMMERCE WEB APP, CMS DASHBOARD. The mobile application offers amazing features to build a powerful online ordering system or app for your grocery shop. It enhances online home grocery stuffs ordering experience for your customers with your mobile grocery store app. This Flutter grocery shopping app is a fully functional mobile app that has all features that required for an online grocery shopping system that makes easy shopping for your customers or shopper. So what are you waiting for? Start your online grocery store business with your Mobile and web app today!

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Last Modified: Jun 26, 2020


  • User docs
  • User app source code
  • Delivery app source code
  • Dashboard source code
  • Web app source code


E-Commerce App
  • Multi-language Support
  • Deal / Coupons
  • RTL Support
  • Order Status with Notification
  • Map Integration for Address


Vendor App
  • Instant Notification for Delivery
  • Accept/Reject Orders
  • Updated Delivery Status
  • Call Customer on Tap
  • Location Tracking for Delivery Address
  • View All Pre Delivered Order


E-Commerce Website
  • Sidebar for All Menu
  • Custom Design with Bootstrap
  • Search & Filters
  • Product by Categories/Offers
  • Payment Through Card & COD
  • Product in Different Variants


Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Categories/Sub-Categories/Products
  • Notification on Order Request
  • View/Manage Order
  • Manage Coupons and Offers
  • Chat with Customers

E-Commerce Mobile App Features

  • Browse Category & Products
  • Sidebar for Easy Menu
  • Search Products
  • Manage Address and Checkout Features
  • Order history
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes Applied
  • Developed on React Native
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

E-Commerce Vendor App Features

  • Real Time Order Notification
  • Accept / Reject Orders
  • Update Delivery Status
  • View all Delivered Items
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes Applied
  • Developed on React Native
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

E-Commerce Website Feature

  • Browse Category & Products
  • Sidebar for Easy Menu
  • Search Products
  • Manage Address and Checkout Features
  • Order History
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes Applied
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize

Admin Dashboard Features

  • Manage Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Create / Edit / Update /Enable or Disable Products
  • Manage Attributes of Product
  • Manage Order Status
  • Coupon Offers
  • Many More...
Readymade E-Commerce App and System

Note: The above cost that mention is only for Readymade E-Commerce App & system product source code cost on that there is no setup & Deployment, domain, hosting, Play Store Account, and third party payment gateway integration (except Strep) included.

Thing you do require to get live this E-Commerce System
  • Your own Play Store Account (Google Play Store Account and iOS App Store Account)
  • Cloud Server with Min 2 GB Ram (we suggest AWS or DigitalOcean)
  • Your own payment gateway account
  • MongoDB Account

In case if you are come with development background and looking for full setup and deployment done by our team then please check out our produc Installation - ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL services.

Readymade Online E-Commerce System

Online E-Commerce systems will be required for your offline Product or market store business. In this E-Commerce store application we kept general variants for market products. This Readymade E-Commerce app system will be well suitable for your market business. This E-Commerce shopping system has all in one solution. It contains the following:

  • E-Commerce User Mobile App
  • E-Commerce Vendor Mobile App
  • eCommerce WebApp
  • Admin Dashboard/CMS

Note: These features are fully customizable, so in case, you required any customization then you will do it yourself or we'll help you out with this. But any further or additional customization in Readymade E-Commerce app will have extra cost and it depends on the work involved.

Why Online E-Commerce App System

Since today it the internet and mobile application world. Now people love to do shopping from anywhere anytime as they want. Now people don't want to waste their time and energy while shopping in the market. e.g if you are shopping through the market then you have to pick your time, make a list of items you would like to purchase then go to market during traffic then after collect your items, stand in the billing counter, packing and then again come back to your home. In case you missed out anything again you have to go back and follow the same procedure. So that people love to do shopping online and so they can save their time and energy to get their daily needs on the door steps with minimal hustle. That's why Walmart, Amazon, Industram, and other companies are making huge benefits on E-Commerce business through online and mobile apps. As per survey in the coming day online shopping sales in the United state only will be approx $29.7 billion.

Frequently Asked Questions

if the product is paid you need to register and purchase from our website after that you able to download immediately from your account.

Both have the same feature, but the NodeJs version gives you more flexibility in the future if required to customize the product based on customer requirement. You can check the difference on this link: https://docs.ionicfirebaseapp.com/ionicrestaurantapp/nodejs-vs-firebase

Absolutely, Once you purchase the product and find any bugs in our product then raise to our support team and they will get back within 1 working days.

No, you have to manage all the changes or custom requirement. We will provide separate services for product support and customization. You can reach [email protected] for more information.

No, We will provide this as extra paid addons. You can purchase addons from this link. https://www.ionicfirebaseapp.com/extra-services

Please check this link for details https://docs.ionicfirebaseapp.com/faq/licences

We update our product almost every 2-3 weeks or if there any breaking changes come to any libraries or modules.