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The client is a brand in insinuation. Client want an intensive tools to helping students and educational institutes transcend geographical boundaries and time constraints in the task of constant evaluation of student performance. Post the live updates on syllabus, news & events, exam results can be viewed online and maintain alumni student records.

Project Highlight

  1. Unique ID/Password for each student to login and appear for exam
  2. Online test generation and administration Print utility to print the question paper as per your requirement
  3. Students can skip questions and answer it later
  4. Students can submit answered questions at any point by clicking Submit button to end exam
  5. Results can be viewed after submit
  6. Students will be notified whether they have passed the exam or not with reports
  7. Students can check each and every question they attempted along with their answer and correct answer
  8. The portal support positive and negative making

Solution Provided

  1. User friendly and simple to use Accessibility anywhere if you are connected through internet
  2. Admin can set questions and marks of the question and can import excel sheet
  3. Admin can post the results for the students
  4. Admin can manage positive and negative marking for every questions
  5. Compatible with all major internet browser
  6. Exams available anywhere, anytime
  7. Instant evaluation of performance
  8. Quick supports via phone/email and can take exam at user convenience
  9. Secured Examination process

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