• Backend
  • Database
  • Frontend
  • Software Testing
  • Strategy
  • UX/UI

About Mercato

The client wants to develop a store where different shopkeepers will able to sell admin added items and get the fixed commission on each sell. The shopkeepers are able to open their store on the website and will have their dashboard to track the order and generate sell reports and much more.

Project Highlight

  • Mercato is the eCommerce platform where different shopkeepers can sell their products
  • It is available for different category products so storekeeper can have single category products for their store
  • Multiple stores can be created in a single website/platform
  • Every store can add or remove products from the list of products
  • Every store have own dashboard for managing to look their orders and their account information
  • The store can promote their self on the Facebook post this facility available in the store dashboard

Solution Provided

  • We have created Multiple subdomain website where we have provided facility to auto create subdomain for different stores
  • We have developed global admin where store, products, categories and related information can be managed
  • For the front end there are three different sections:- a. Store creation functionality where new stores can be created by following few steps. b. Store dashboard functionality where store owner can manage their information. c. Store front where user purchase the products from store