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Readymade Online Ticket Booking System -
One Solution For All

Are you looking to launch your Online Ticket Booking system or an website for your business? Then this readymade online Ticket Booking System - All in on solution will help you to build your Business

In the digitized business space, a large number of entrepreneurs are inclined in launching their ticket booking apps. Customers enjoy the seamless experience, reserving their tickets from anywhere, and at any given time.

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Last Modified: Jun 26, 2020


  • User docs
  • User app source code
  • Delivery app source code
  • Dashboard source code
  • Web app source code


Ticket Booking App
  • Booking Movie Tickets
  • Booking Tickets for Sports Events
  • Ticket Booking for Musical Events
  • Passes for seminars
  • Ticket Booking for Plays
  • Seat Booking


Ticket Booking Website
  • Age Verification
  • Real-Time Booking
  • Redeeming Loyalty Points
  • Scan Tickets
  • Downloading Tickets


Admin Dashboard
  • Manage Categories/Sub-Categories/Products
  • Notification on Booking Request
  • View/Manage Booking
  • Manage Coupons and Offers

Ticket Booking Mobile App Features

  • Age verification
  • Real-time booking
  • Managing promotional offers
  • Redeeming loyalty points
  • Scanning tickets
  • Printing tickets
  • Downloading tickets
  • Ratings

Ticket Booking Website Features

  • Managing Users
  • Managing Events
  • Booking Manager
  • Managing profile
  • Managing Promotional Offers
  • Content Management
  • Sending Push Notifications

Ticket Booking Dashboard Features

  • Sidebar for Easy Menu
  • Search Events
  • Manage Address and Checkout Features
  • Booking History
  • Offers, Coupons, Taxes Applied
  • Developed on React Native
  • Clean UI and Easy to Customize
An Overview of Features to be Integrated into the Ticket Booking App

A visually pleasing app for ticket booking is likely to have a greater retention rate, as compared to others. While developing such apps, the experts integrate the following features. This, in turn, affects the cost to a certain extent.

  • Your own Play Store Account (Google Play Store Account and iOS App Store Account)
  • Cloud Server with Min 2 GB Ram (we suggest AWS or DigitalOcean)
  • Your own payment gateway account
  • MongoDB Account

People can submit their basic details and register themselves with the app. They need to submit their email id, phone number, name, password and other relevant details.

The users can log into the app using the necessary credentials, like password and mobile number. The mechanism should also allow them to log in through social links and emails.

The home screen presents the users with upcoming and ongoing shows. These are classified as sports events, musical events, plays, movies and so on. Tapping on any preferred section, the user should be able to navigate to the selected category and explore the events. The home screen also displays the deals, offers, language and notification settings.

This section enables the users to have a look at the featured shows. They can view it by their name, category, ratings, offers, language, prices, location or other criteria. The listings contain certain sub-categories like time-slots, venues, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

if the product is paid you need to register and purchase from our website after that you able to download immediately from your account.

Both have the same feature, but the NodeJs version gives you more flexibility in the future if required to customize the product based on customer requirement. You can check the difference on this link: https://docs.ionicfirebaseapp.com/ionicrestaurantapp/nodejs-vs-firebase

Absolutely, Once you purchase the product and find any bugs in our product then raise to our support team and they will get back within 1 working days.

No, you have to manage all the changes or custom requirement. We will provide separate services for product support and customization. You can reach [email protected] for more information.

No, We will provide this as extra paid addons. You can purchase addons from this link. https://www.ionicfirebaseapp.com/extra-services

Please check this link for details https://docs.ionicfirebaseapp.com/faq/licences

We update our product almost every 2-3 weeks or if there any breaking changes come to any libraries or modules.